Who is matthew mcconaughey dating 2016

To get into the role of Kenny Wells, a floundering speculator who believes he's found his eureka moment, Mc Conaughey shaved his head, developed a gut, and generally did a marvelous job of transforming himself into a schlub. So about the Oscar and the whole what-did-winning-it-mean-to-him question.

The Weinstein Company—as in the savvy, successful brothers Harvey and Bob—is behind and the way things go in Hollywoodland, the fact that they have chosen a Christmas Day release date means they have high hopes for the movie and/or they've got a lot riding on it. By the time he signed on, the script had been circulating through the Town for at least five years. His mom, Kay Mc Conaughey—or, as friends and family lovingly call her, "K-Mac"—is in town, visiting from Texas. Mc Conaughey's eighty-one-year-old mom likes to rock, and then some. Look, first he wants you to know it wasn't like he walked off the stage that night with the statuette and rushed to a private room where he kissed it.

Just like he did in 2012, when he was the first actor to sign on to He heard a lot of "Man, it's TV. " He considered how going from big screen to little screen would be perceived for all of about eight seconds and decided, "This story is fucking great.

Mc Conaughey starred as one of two suicidal men who meet in a Japanese forest where people go to kill themselves. In its first week of release, it barely broke ,000. The story is loosely based on the true events of a mid-1990s mining scandal, in which the Canadian company Bre-X Minerals sent its penny-stock price soaring with the claim it had discovered vast gold deposits in Indonesia, a claim that turned out to be false.

Since 2014, Mc Conaughey has starred in an ad campaign for Lincoln. It's like the ads were whipped up by some creative who got "inspired" after downing a few bottles of cough syrup. I just liked it." Evidently, you're supposed to ignore the fact that he was paid to say precisely that. There's no need to pussyfoot around the Lincoln ads with Mc Conaughey. ."In his tone, you can hear that Mc Conaughey ain't mad. He'd be the first one to tell you he's got nothing to complain about; he's got a sweet life. And they allow me to go and do these other little movies for a lot less." the 2013 film based on the true story of Ron Woodroof.

In one of the TV spots, Mc Conaughey's in a luxury SUV, driving down a desert road and talking to himself: "I've been driving a Lincoln since long before anyone paid me to drive one. In another, he serves up some watered-down Chicken Soup for the Soul: "Sometimes you gotta go back to actually move forward. He is very much like the self-aware and charmingly candid characters he's often played throughout his career. The way he sees it, somebody fighting cancer—that's a real problem. As he read the script, Mc Conaughey fell in love with the complexity of the character.

In 2014, the same year he won the Academy Award, he was nominated for a Golden Globe for his work as Rustin Cohle. Mc Conaughey played a former Confederate medic who leads an army of deserters and slaves against the Confederacy.

Released this past summer, the film got creamed by critics and had a measly million opening weekend.

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