Robert downey jr dating

The Oscars are rapidly approaching and most people are probably wondering who their favorite celebrities will show up with.

At last year's awards, Robin Roberts mistakenly called Chris Evans’ date his girlfriend, which was quickly laughed off and corrected by both Evans and his good friend Tara.

“This is one of my best friends on the planet from back home,” he told Roberts.

Well, it’s that time of year again and since he is presenting at the Oscars, you may be wondering if Chris Evans is dating anyone, who might accompany him on the red carpet, or if he's more likely to bring a friend again.

Walking in beside Paltrow with his arm around her waist was co-creator Brad Falchuk, who has been at the center of romance speculation with the award-winning actress since the summer.

Earlier: Well, it looks like the Captain America star is single, so he could surprise us again and have a friend tag along.

Then there's always the adorable option: Evans could bring his mom, Lisa, like he did at the 2013 Oscars.

beyond.” But after—now—currently—I think, “I could do that.” But why? Who would’ve thunk that the most famous actor of today, the outstandingly charming Robert Downey Jr. It’s his opportunity to hit that sharp natural mental state as often as possible. But to prove that Robbie is just any other shmuck like anyone else, I want you to watch this interview with him on Channel 4 in the UK. because he takes care of that ol’ pink matter, not because he’s intelligent, good-looking, or perfectly gifted.

I’ve had flashes of his impeccable character before—many times actually. Look at Robert’s energy, you can tell he’s just off that day. He probably is on his 500th interview that week and is getting burnt out and just wants to be home with his wife and kids and this douche fuck is trying to subtly or not so subtly draw up some controversy. He, just like I, treat mental and physical preparation as the absolute most important part of his process.

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