David mitchell and victoria coren dating

“I’m amazed by David and I think I got preposterously lucky.There we are doing crosswords and giggling or eating beans or watching a DVD together while I play poker on my i Pad and it’s just lovely.” Coren is refreshingly up-front on the subject of babies and trying for a family; she dotes on her brother’s children, who live nearby.’ ” Her take on marriage is so sweet, dammit, I’m in danger of wishing her a lifetime of conjugal bliss.“Being married is like when you’re a kid and a friend is having a sleepover and it’s so thrilling you could burst with joy, having somebody there to have fun with and share things with,” she says, eyes glittering with pinch-me-I’m-dreaming delight.“Six weeks later, I’m a complete bridezilla back in the shop shouting: 'I want the tiara and the veil and a huge train!And I might decide to throw rose petals over myself – where are those rose petals? Check out also measurements of Kate Upton, Christina Hendricks, and Kat Dennings.

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I hate all the CCTV cameras and ID checks and proposals that you can’t even smoke in your own home and this insane preoccupation with banning things.

“It’s easy for me to appear terribly knowledgeable when I roll my eyes and say: 'No, no, you fool, it was 12th-century Venice!

’ But the truth is, I’ve got it written down in front of me.” I fear the lady doth protest too much, having bagged the now bearded David Mitchell – “I love the beard.

At the moment, I can’t even choose between planting blue or yellow iris bulbs for the spring.” But imagine, Victoria, how terrifyingly clever your children would be?

Surely your closet intellectual snob would love to pop out a tiny genius or two?

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