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Tuberose – spiky fruity – smoky woody Color impression: dark crimson Dior Poison is most probably a perfume at the extreme bottom of “best feminine fragrances to be worn by men” list.It’s extreme femininity that triggers sinister side of an innocent school girl to a naughty foxy grown femme fatale.It’s seductive and sexy, absolutely in love with this.

In 2006, the house of Dior released the Poison Amulets.

When I bury my nose in this beast, I sense the woods and a spicy carnation. Poison and I went out to town together the other day, and I'm glad that I opted for two sprays under my shirt, because she radiated and the soapy sillage was perfect.

I researched the batch for my bottle; it's early 2000's, I believe.

I thought it was amazing back then, and I still think it's amazing today. To me, it smells like a blend of tuberose, leather, and grapes.

Whether you love it or hate it ( and most people choose one or the other) it is a must try, and a fragrance icon.

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